Cryogenic Air Separation

Why we focus on cryogenic air separation

Cryogenic air separation plays a key role in producing oxygen, nitrogen, and argon by separating contaminants such as carbon dioxide and water from a gas stream. The advances we have made with molecular sieve technology can create a significant impact on the cryogenic air separation technology.

Our rapid absorption solution can satisfy the wide needs of air separation across numerous industrial production.

The application of molecular sieve and activated alumina in cryogenic air separation

Cryogenic air separation units (ASUs) employ a “molecular sieve” “pre-purification unit” (PPU) to remove carbon dioxide and water nitrogen oxide(N2O) from the incoming air by adsorbing these molecules onto the surface of molecular sieve materials at near-ambient temperature.

Jalon offers an efficient solution to removing carbon dioxide and water with our molecular sieve. Our product consists of microporous openings that selectively absorb contaminant molecules while allowing select gases to pass.Molecular sieve 13X-APG, JLOX-300 ,JLPM,CAX conbined with activated alumina is designed for cryogenic air separation to remove of moisture and CO2/N2O. Activated alumina removes most of the water and 13X-APG , JLOX-300,JLPM removes most of the CO2.CAX removes N2O.

All three products have superior absorption capabilities while in a near-ambient temperature environment within cryogenic air separation production. Our molecular sieve solution is also affordable and easy to incorporate with oxygen, nitrogen, and argon production plants.


How JALON Refines The Cryogenic Air Separation Technology
We base our molecular sieve development on the latest trends in cryogenic air separation technology to give our clients a competitive edge in the market.

Less Consumption
Removing moisture and carbon dioxide from the air with our molecular sieve can significantly lower the refrigeration load, minimizing the load drastically lower energy consumption. Our product can also cut down on material consumption to further lessen costs.

Better Matching
Top-grade equipment can achieve quality oxygen and other gases through cryogenic air separation. With the rapid absorption capabilities of our molecular sieve, companies can achieve an optimal purity rate of around 99% for their gas production.

Lower Temperature
We designed our molecular sieve to enhance the cooling capabilities of cryogenic air separation systems by rapidly absorbing water and carbon dioxide. Our product increases the efficiency of gas production companies utilizing cryogenic air separation technology.

Our molecular sieve is an environmentally friendly solution to removing contaminants within a cryogenic air separation since they are composed of non-toxic materials and lessen power consumption. The positive impact of our molecular sieve can drive any gas producers’ brand.



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