PSA Hydrogen Purification


Why we focus on PSA hydrogen purification
The principle of PSA-pressure swing adsorption hydrogen production is to use adsorbents to easily adsorb high-boiling components under the same pressure, but not easy to adsorb low-boiling components. The adsorption capacity under high pressure increases (adsorption components) and the adsorption capacity decreases under reduced pressure (analysis) Part) principle, the feed gas is passed through the adsorbent bed under pressure to achieve the separation of hydrogen and impurity components, and then the adsorbed impurity components are desorbed under reduced pressure to regenerate the adsorbent to facilitate the adsorption and separation of impurities again.


The application of molecular sieve in PSA hydrogen purification
Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) processes are used for the production of high purity hydrogen from a variety of hydrogen-rich streams. The process is based on a physical binding of gas molecules to adsorbent material. The respective force acting between the gas molecules and the adsorbent material depends on the gas component, type of adsorbent material, partial pressure of the gas component and operating temperature. JLPH5 is one of the important adsorbent used in this PSA purification process.

The PSA process works at basically constant temperature and uses the effect of alternating pressure and partial pressure to perform adsorption and desorption. Since heating or cooling is not required, short cycles within the range of minutes are achieved. The PSA process consequently allows the economical removal of large amounts of impurities.

JLPH5  is a molecular sieve 5A without binder. The binder is made to transfer to zeolite structure from special production process. Since the original binder part becomes a molecular sieve, compared with the ordinary molecular sieve, it will produce the following three beneficial effects. JLPH5 molecular sieve has the characteristics of large adsorption capacity, fast adsorption and desorption rate, and high mechanical strength, which is beneficial to the long-term stable operation of customer equipment or products.



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